Specialists in Managing Uncertainty

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Management Consulting

PBSi Management Consulting practice helps people make effective decisions in situations of uncertainty and uncontrollability

The PBSi management consulting team provides decision support based on diverse government and industry experience and our risk management knowledge in support of strategy and implementation for:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Development of policy and implementation strategies or road maps
  • Decision Support
  • Integrated Product/Process Teams (IPT)
  • Lessons Learned Programs

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is about tapping into and growing the sources of knowledge in an organization.   Sources include the people, data, documents and all sources of information.

Implementing Knowledge Management is a key step in becoming a Learning Organization.

KM implementation Steps
  • project initiation and analysis
  • risk and opportunity assessment
  • stakeholder identification and interdisciplinary workshops
  • interdependency analysis and mapping
  • end result definition and milestone setting
  • strategic planning
  • implementation and sustainment
  • communications, facilitation, feedback and facilitation of lessons learned.


"A learning organization is an adaptive organization.  It is able to rethink its structure and function and redefine itself in response to market (and external) challenges and customer (and employee and society) needs."

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