Specialists in Managing Uncertainty

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Risk Assessment
  • A Risk Assessment  takes a snapshot of a project's current risk profile.  Risk assessments are often used as part of the project approval process or at a go/no-go point, and often as a factor in a trade study.

The distribution of High, Medium and Low risks provides a measure of total risk.

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  • The Risk Identification and Risk Analysis steps in the PBSi Risk Process is used to conduct a Risk Assessment that develops a measure of the total risk currently being faced by a project.

A steady drop in the high risks shows that risk management is being effective

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  • This is often complemented by a quantitative Cost and Schedule analysis to provide a more accurate perspective to management on a project status.

A quantitative analysis of cost and schedule shows the probability of meeting critical goals.

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  • PBSi conducts independent assessments which provide an unbiased view of risk, viewed from an external strategic perspective.


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