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Business Continuity Process

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Planning for business continuity through serious disruptions is not an option.

The PBSi Business Continuity Planning Process emphasises a structured methodology that starts with the identification of Critical Business Functions, and their dependence on other functions and capabilities.  Judicious selection of Critical Business Functions reduces the cost of maintaining business operations, and focuses attention on areas where scarce continuity budgets can best be used.

Business Impact Analysis

Business continuity planning starts with evaluating your business. What functions does your business perform to deliver its product or service? Which of these functions are critical to your business?  For each of your critical business functions :

  • what is the minimum level of service at which further degradation or loss of service is unacceptable.
  • how long can you wait to restoratr the minimum level of service and full restoration of the service.
  • what supporting functions, assets, services, infrastructure elements and external dependencies  are required to deliver the minimum level of service.

These comprise your business critical vulnerabilities, and constitute the basis of your contingency planning to restore the minimum level of service within the critical time.

Contingency and Business Restoration Planning

Contingency plans are developed for critical failures (both internal and external) based on strategies you develop for protecting the business function from failure. These contingency plans are designed to restore a minimum level of service until the situation is stabilized.

Business restoration planning is the plan you make to return to normal operations once operations are stabilized at the minimum level of service.

Testing and Training With the Contingency Plans

Personnel need to be trained in reponding to a crisis and the contingency plans need to be tested.

Crisis Response Plan

A crisis response plan is developed to define how the organization will respond to a crisis. Crisis response usually steps outside of the bounds of normal organizational process and methodology.

Business Continuity Plan

An enterprise wide Business Continuity Plan is written based on the business impact analysis, the contingency plans, the recovery plans and the crisis management approach.


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