Specialists in Managing Uncertainty

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Risk Management Training
   Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management is a proactive approach to seizing opportunities, minimizing threats and optimizing results. The Project Management Institute has recently increased its emphasis on this critical knowledge area of project management in the 2000 edition of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK).
   Transferring Practical Lessons Learned
We have been applying cost-effective risk management for years on critical, challenging, government and industry projects. From one time risk assessments, to continuous and team based risk management on billion dollar, multi stakeholder projects, our research and practical experience is the basis of this course.
   Course Overview
The course is designed to equip you with a practical approach to managing the uncertainty that is part of any project or management change initiative. Professional risk practitioners combine detailed presentations with interactive workshops to give you a realistic grounding in risk management processes that will enhance the likelihood of project success. You will leave this course knowing how to apply the processes and techniques of effective risk management in your organization.
   Dynamic Case Studies
During the course, you will role-play in teams to practice each element of the risk management process using a case study approach. The case study is an amalgam of many real world projects that we have worked on over the years. The case study develops skills and confidence with each step of the process. Working in teams provides a forum to network and exchange personal experiences with other participants.
   Who Should Attend
Government and industry professionals with project management responsibilities
What will we cover in these courses?
  • Risk Management Overview
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Planning
  • Risk Tracking & Control
  • Integrating with Project Management
  • Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Parametric Cost Estimation
  • Advanced Risk Management Issues
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